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Bosch in Turkey

Bosch in Turkey

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Bursa: Home to Europe's best quality management

The Bosch plant in Bursa has already won plenty of awards – especially when it comes to business excellence. The latest highlight is the EFQM Award. At the end of 2008, this award – Europe’s highest for quality management – was presented to the Turkish plant. What’s more, this was an award it had already won in 2003.

EFQM stands for European Foundation for Quality Management. This non-profit organization was founded in 1989, and has roughly 700 member companies.

The EFQM methods places quality at the center of all business processes. The model’s orientation to the long term helps to hone a sense of what is essential, especially in an economically challenging environment. An international panel of judges assesses the candidates for this annual award according to nine different criteria and more than thirty sub-criteria.

The leadership and management of the company as a whole are assessed, as well as corporate policy, strategy, leadership of associates, use of resources, and operating processes. their assessment, the EFQM experts also take account of customer and associate satisfaction, social impact, and operating result. Bosch in Bursa has now convinced the judges for the second time. all categories.