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Bosch Nordic Experience 2018

— get insight of the four days experience in Lund, Sweden

Bosch Nordic Experience 2018

This year Bosch Nordic Experience took place in Lund, the south of Sweden, where Bosch has it first software development center in the Nordic region. The Bosch Nordic Explorers covered the different educational backgrounds and nationalities. Thus, the Bosch Values of cultural diversity. The diverse backgrounds were definitely an asset during Bosch Nordic Experience.

Meet the winners

Antonia from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
Keira from Aalto University, Finland
Frederik from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
David from Lund University, Sweden
Alisa from Latvia University, Latvia

Gabriella from Chalmers University, Sweden
Lorenzo from The Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Eivind from Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
Zivile from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Victor from Umeå University, Sweden


The focus for the first day was networking with other winners and employees of Bosch

The networking initiatives started already before the actual event within a closed Facebook group. The Facebook group was useful to get to know the backgrounds of other students and excellent way to get information for example, what to take to Lund “It was nice to know the dress code beforehand”. The closed Facebook group was appreciated among the winners and expressed the interest towards the new Bosch Nordic Explorers “We are the group”.

On Thursday November 8th, the winners around the Nordics arrived to Copenhagen airport where Bosch Nordic Experience started. From the airport, the travel continued with a private bus over the bridge to Sweden. The bus ride was a great opportunity to get to know more the background of the other explorers and share some thoughts about what would the weekend with Bosch include. After safe and quick bus ride, the explorers arrived at the hotel and met two more winners. In the hotel, the winners were welcomed with little gifts before checking in the hotel rooms.

The evening continued with a casual dinner in Lund where the Bosch employees joined to network with the explorers. Like the winners, the employees came from different Nordic locations. The social gathering in the first day created a nice atmosphere for the weekend. The welcoming was warm and friendly and already after the first night, the team spirit was created “these guys feels like my brothers”.


Bosch in Lund

The morning started with a hotel breakfast including pancakes to get some energy for the day at Bosch Lund office. In Lund office, the explorers were welcomed with the site manager and other Lund colleagues. The day included various insightful presentations of Bosch. The program started with a company presentation by our current JMPs who gave an overview of Bosch and introduced what “Invented for life” is about.

After a short break, the general manager of Finland gave an inspiring presentation to Bosch with IoT perspective — how is driving chancing or why should the fridge be connected to phone.


After lunch, the day continued with introduction to Lund office and the software development. This unique insight included the story behind the office and showed the loyalty of the employees to the company. The winners were also taken for an informative tour around the office to explore the diverse projects of Lund and get hands on experience.


The networking continued over Swedish fika before it was time for the case competition. As one of the projects in Lund is to develop parts for the eBike, the case study included a project for the eBike.

The explorers were divided into two groups and after two hours, the groups were ready to present their ideas. The Lund employees did not have an easy task to choose the winners as both of the groups had great ideas to further develop the eBike concept. The group with slogan “invented for bike” was chosen for the winner of the case competition. All in all the day at the office had the balance of professionalism and relaxed atmosphere.


The day continued with a dinner in the hotel with the Lund colleagues. During the dinner the discussion over the case study continued. We will see, maybe there is an idea for the further development.

Before the second day was over, the evening included a social gathering with music quiz. Guessing the songs was a lot of fun as the songs were in Finnish and the explorers Finnish language skills were limited.


Another perspective to Bosch

Saturday started with Bosch Powertool workshop in Malmö. A sales representative, who gave a great overview of the different Bosch Powertools, welcomed the explorers to the workshop. Additionally, the former JMP introduced Dremel graving tools. The participants learned that Bosch Power tools include the same censor we have in our smartphones that makes the screen to turn whenever turning the phone.

After the presentations, the funniest part started — hands on experience. The winners were asked to make a bottle holder by using the various tools with the assistant of Bosch employees. In addition, they had the opportunity to grave cutting boards with the Dremel tools.


Before finishing the Powertools workshop, there was a time for another competition. The explorers got to use their screw driving and organizational skills. In addition, the nicest bottle holder was voted. After a though competition, Antonia was announced as the winner.


The day continued with climbing and yoga to balance the experience. This was appreciated combination and something that most of the explorers have not tried before. The climbing was a great way to achieve goals individually but still receiving the support from the group “We helped and supported each other’s to reach the goals which connected us more.” Climbing supported the adventurous part of Bosch Nordic Experience. Whereas, yoga supports the mindful leadership concept that Bosch has. The cozy atmosphere in the climbing center was perfect for relaxing and gathering all the information that the explorers received of Bosch during Bosch Nordic Experience.


Wrapping up the experience

The las day included wrapping up the experience before travelling back home. The winners were asked to describe Bosch Nordic Experience in one word and the final pictures were taken.

We would like to thank all the amazing winners for their open mind approach as well as our Bosch colleagues!


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